I keep hearing about GFCI. What is it?

A Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) is usually, but not always, directly built into the electrical outlet. It monitors the current flowing into the outlet and compares it to the current leaving the outlet. If the GFCI device ever detects a difference between the two current levels, it immediately opens the protection circuit and shuts off the power. By watching for a difference in current, it can identify when power is being "shorted" to the outlets ground. A common problem is water shorting out a device plugged into it. However, other problems such as a conductor coming into contact with a "hot" electrical lead can also cause a ground fault. Below is a typical GFCI outlet found in homes. GFCI Outlet

 Why has my GFCI outlet stopped working?

Most likely it has tripped itself off. First, unplug all devices running from this outlet and then try resetting it with the red reset button. After a reset, start plugging devices back in one at a time. If problems continue, then this circuit is probably overloaded. Limit the devices running from this outlet. If you continue to have problems, call Venice Electric to diagnose and correct the problem. GFCI Outlet

 Why are my breakers frequently tripping?

If the breakers in your panel box are constantly tripping, it is a sign that you need some type of electrical work performed. There might be too much amperage draw that is causing an overload on that particular circuit. Or it may be a short in the wiring. If there is an electrical short in your home, contact Venice Electric as soon as possible as this is very dangerous for you and your property.

When circuit breakers trip, they are actually doing what they were designed to do — PROTECT! Our electricians will help you determine what is causing the problem(s) and find solutions. GFCI Outlet

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