Severe storms and hurricanes are increasing in intensity. Combined with our outdated electric power grid, the result is often widespread power outages. Even local power lines down can cause you and your family unnecessary inconveniences. The time to prepare for a hurricane is before severe weather hits. Backup power for your home is one of the best ways to protect your family from hardship. Our complete whole-house generating systems are the answer. They start generating electric at the first sign of power interruption, and then automatically turn off when normal power resumes.

Generator Installations in
Sarasota and Venice, Florida

Protect you and your family. Invest in a Backup Power Source.

Living in Florida, you know that power outages can happen any time. With little or no warning, tropical storms can form and some of them become severe hurricanes. Not only can a power outage be a nuisance, it could become deadly. If you have medications that must be refrigerated or you suffer from Asthma or COPD, then breathing could become a problem in excessive heat and humidity too.

If you can't go hours or days without power, then you need a backup generator for your home or business. At Venice Electric, our trained and certified electricians will help you be prepared for power outages with a whole-house generator.

Automatic Operation
Never worry about having to start and stop your Generac home backup generator. It starts automatically, even if you are not home.

Power Directly to Your Home
Never again will you have to run an extension cord through a window or door from an outside generator. Your whole-home backup generator will safely deliver power right to your home's electrical panel.

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